Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor: Engeman, Stone merit support

The Sierra Club is pleased to announce its endorsement of State College Borough Council candidates Janet Engeman and David Stone.

These candidates’ activism on key environmental issues demonstrates their commitment to protecting our environment and deserves our support.

Engeman and Stone focused attention on the plan to build a potentially dangerous gas pipeline through State College neighborhoods. Thanks to their work — and the work of other concerned citizens — the pipeline was re-routed, ensuring neighborhood safety.

Both have worked to alert the public about air quality issues that will result from the planned replacement of the 198-foot stack at the West Campus Steam Plant with a much shorter one. They support monitoring emissions from the plant and working with Penn State to safeguard air quality.

The endorsed candidates share the community’s concern that the Toll Bros. planned student housing development in Ferguson Township, within a delicate well recharge area, compromises the purity of our water supply.

Engeman and Stone support modeling groundwater flows, scrupulously testing the water supply, protecting the existing wells and respecting the urban growth boundary.

They recognize that climate change is real and an immediate threat. With their election, these candidates would work with borough residents and Penn State to increase opportunities for development of low-carbon energy projects and increased building-efficiency planning.

Worrying about our environment won’t help. Electing Janet Engeman and David Stone will. Please vote on May 19.

Ernest Boyd

State College

The writer is chairman of the Sierra Club Moshannon Group.