Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor: Barron not practicing civility

Penn State President Eric Barron’s admonishment of the alumni trustees was as uncivil as anything that has transpired since 2011.

His disrespect and lack of civility for the board that hired him and for whom he works is, frankly, unprofessional and telling of his qualification to represent Penn State.

Is it time for his resignation or removal? A leader must be of good character, demonstrate resolve and display a demeanor that promotes inclusion, compromise and, above all, respect.

It was Barron who promised transparency, preached civility and asked for healing. So far he has failed on all fronts and has served to further alienate the alumni and many students from the university.

The tone of his message is arrogantly personal, and he will find it difficult to effectively lead or educate with a chip on his shoulder. Is this the first, or just another, sign that he does not have what it takes to lead Penn State?

He has proved himself divisive, pompous and disrespectful, and the students, alumni and community deserve, need and expect a considerably more civil approach.

Charles Hoffner

Beech Creek