Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor: Backing for Tosti-Vasey

Some people are concerned about the past damage Borough Council has permitted to be inflicted on the historic fabric of Bellefonte. My concern is more timely — I’m worried about what council might approve next that will change the character of our downtown and its streetscape.

A case in point: A plan to erect three 30-foot antenna poles in the heart of our historic business district is currently under consideration. The Bellefonte Historical and Cultural Association, the group that tried to save the Garman Opera House, is a party to the Section 106 review process that is sometimes required when historic resources are threatened. BHCA has recommended against the plan as presented and has suggested modest adjustments that will mitigate the visual impact of these towers on our community.

I fear that council, as currently constituted, will ignore BHCA’s advice and approve yet another deleterious change in our town that will affect not just residents, but also visitors. That’s why I’m supporting Joanne Tosti-Vasey for Borough Council. As a concerned citizen, she has already spoken out about the need to adjust the location of the proposed towers to accommodate business interests while honoring the integrity of what makes Bellefonte not just any small Pennsylvania county seat. I’d feel a lot better about the future of my town if she had a vote on Borough Council to back up her understanding of what Bellefonte needs for a prosperous future.

Melady Kehm