Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor: Brown, Dauler earn support

State College is facing challenging issues: preserving neighborhoods, maintaining a vibrant downtown and fiscal responsibility with a small tax base.

David Brown and Cathy Dauler are two candidates for Borough Council who are up to the challenge that I have known for many years. They have the acute ability to assess complex issues while maintaining sensitivity towards all parties.

Brown on numerous occasions has impressed me with his thoughtful insights and sensitivity towards people and viewpoints. As a council member, he would like to pursue fairness and responsibility towards our tax system.

Dauler, as a true public servant, assimilates information pertaining to an issue, including opinions, to develop an unbiased and thoughtful decision. She maintains immense knowledge of the borough, which is a tremendous benefit to our community.

It is important to vote on Tuesday. Please vote for David Brown and Cathy Dauler.

Cynthia Carpenter

State College