Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor: Millinder shows dedication

By virtue of Christine Millinder’s longstanding employment with the Register of Wills Office, I have had the pleasure of knowing her for my entire 21-year career in practicing law in Centre County.

Millinder is a kind, passionate and dedicated individual who deserves our community support.

It is people like Millinder who make local government operate and, in her case, operate smoothly.

Millinder’s knowledge and experience would translate into a smooth transitional period for the register of wills.

It is important to the operation of local government offices that individuals have the knowledge, experience and competency to provide the residents of the county the government service they deserve and pay for via taxes.

We need people who know that they are doing and who know how the system works. It is imperative that the register of wills continue in its current operational capacity, and with Millinder’s knowledge, experience and understanding of the laws, local rules and practices governing the register of wills, that need would be met.

She has been employed at the register’s office for 28 years, and I can personally attest that she has had a direct effect on its reputation of having a flawless organizational quality.

There is no candidate that could challenge her knowledge, understanding and experience, which is unmatched.

Join me in supporting Christine Millinder’s candidacy for register of wills so that we continue receiving the government service our communities deserve.

David Thompson