Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor: Millinder’s experience counts

The upcoming election is around the corner and there’s three candidates pursuing the position of register of wills.

The three candidates offer a variety of experience and background, (un)fortunately only one of those are truly qualified for the position. Christine Milllinder has 28 years of service in that office, she meets all of the prerequisites and definitely has the skill sets required for this position, not just an segment of those credentials required. Her qualifications far exceed the other candidates and are certainly deserving of the position. It would be virtually impossible for any individual to offer any realistic experience in this position without firsthand knowledge and on the job training for this position.

If this position was in the private sector, the candidate with the amount of experience Millinder has to offer would be awarded the position 99 percent of the time and rightfully so. It would be foolish and not in the best interest of the Centre County and the taxpayers to do otherwise.

If the voters read the Centre Daily Times, and in particular the letters to the editor, you would have noticed the recommendations written on her behalf by various Centre County attorneys. This in itself speaks volumes for her. Today was the ultimate of recommendations, when state Rep. Kerry Benninghoff submitted a recommendation for her. It just just doesn’t get any better.Vote for Millinder, a truly a blue-chip, 5-star candidate.

Don Miller