Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor: Millinder’s help effective

We wanted to offer our support for Christine Millinder for register of wills.

We suffered a loss earlier this year and my wife became executrix of her mother’s estate. We elected to handle the settlement of the estate ourselves and spent days confused, trying to understand how to settle an estate.

I decided to call the register of wills for guidance. That is when we met Millinder. She graciously answered our call and calmly explained the process we needed to follow. She treated us with respect and compassion and built our confidence that we could accomplish this task.

She helped us numerous times over the past five months as we worked to complete the estate’s inheritance tax return. This week we submitted it to the state for their review. Later this summer, Harrisburg will complete their review, send us an appraisal, and we will be done.

Soon after summer sets, fall will usher in November and the general election. When the election results are tallied, we fully expect to see her as Centre County register of wills.

We could not have done this without her help. Her years of experience and willingness to guide us made a difficult task less so. Should you ever be called upon to settle an estate, she is the person you want by your side. Without question, she has earned our vote.

Thank you Christine for your service to our family.

Bruce and Debbie Weaver

State College