Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor: Pension problems not being addressed

I have been a mechanic supervisor at Erie County PennDOT for 15 years. During that time, I have never missed a payment into my pension. Unfortunately, during that same time, state legislators have ignored their responsibility to pay into the pension system.

Now, legislators want to alter the entire system and reduce benefits for new employees, which would increase taxes and jeopardize and reduce the current pension system that I have paid into.

They want to put new employees on 401(k)-style pension plans, which would saddle retirees with an inadequate pension and benefit no one but Wall Street.

What makes it all the worse is they rammed through Senate Bill 1 in three days without a hearing, actuarial analysis or any chance for the public to voice its concerns.

Legislators should be focusing on passing a budget that helps the working person rather than a convoluted pension bill that threatens their retirement security.

I believe strongly in community service. When I retire, I want to continue to live in and serve my community, and I only ask for the modest pension that I paid into to allow me to do so. Tell your state House representative to say “no” to Senate Bill 1.

Mike Roesch