Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor: Sen. Jake Corman’s actions disappoint

Sen. Jake Corman’s column (Sunday, May 10) was not just disappointing and self-serving; it was simply a great obfuscation.

Can we truly believe that Sen. Corman and his minions are seeking to help those in the low-income group, as he implies? Property owners across the state have begged for years for property tax relief and Republicans expressed support and sympathy for that cause. Now Gov. Wolf has responded with such a plan and Sen. Corman wants to not only oppose the governor’s plan, but not even deal with the Democrats in crafting a budget that would address it. So much for bipartisan efforts at helping property owners and the commonwealth.

Corporations need not fear as long as Sen. Corman and his claque are in charge. Certainly there will be less interest in extraction taxes for fracking, which Sen. Corman also eschews. If anyone is fooled by Corman’s efforts on the part of his constituents, they deserve what they get, namely a budget plan that helps the wealthy and hurts the middle class.

Murry Nelson

State College