Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor: Fix errors on Miles Township veterans marker

Over the past seven years, I have fought to get the errors on the Miles Township Veterans Monument corrected.

I asked exactly how much money was moved from the Veterans Monument Fund to a schoolhouse project so it would not fail?

I asked to have corrections be made that followed federal guidelines as to the definition of a “veteran and Vietnam-era veteran.”

I asked for others to assist and received very little help. The Millheim American Legion did assist, as did Rep. Mike Hanna, D-Lock Haven.

The people involved don’t care that they failed to get source data or even that the monument is incorrect? These people were historians? My wish for Memorial Day is that someone or some agency gets involved and continues to fight for the answers and to get the monument corrected.

It is unfair to have names of people on a monument dedicated to veterans if they are not legally entitled or given credit for deeds they did not do.

It is wrong to move donated money and not be held accountable.

Someone please ask the questions and get the answers and, finally, get the monument corrected for future generations.

It is the least we can do for our veterans.

Jim Hironimus

White Hall, Md.