Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor: Graham Spanier’s suit vs. Louis Freeh cheered

I went to high school with Graham Spanier in the 1960s. We attended many classes together. At the time, I thought he was thoughtful and compassionate.

As a longtime resident of Pittsburgh, I reconnected with him after he arrived at Penn State. From our long history and from what I have learned since, I am certain that Spanier was not complicit in any coverup of the deplorable Sandusky activities at Penn State.

For almost four years I have watched with growing concern and dismay as my friend was fired and defamed. The Freeh report’s flawed results and the 2011 Penn State board of trustees’ desperate attempt to find a scapegoat to blame left Spanier with an undeserved trashed reputation and in ongoing legal limbo.

I applaud his efforts to fight back by suing Louis Freeh and his law firm for defamation.

Just as the lives of the children violated by Jerry Sandusky will never be the same, neither will Spanier’s. But getting back his reputation would be a good start to making him whole.

Charles B. Weinstock