Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor: Rep. Thompson fears queries

Letter writer Bob Potter wonders why U.S. Rep. Glenn Thompson refuses to hold public, town hall meetings in State College, the largest city in his district (“Rep. Thompson not accountable,” CDT May 20).

Here’s my theory: Thompson is afraid to appear in such a public forum in State College.

Thompson knows that the people in this area are intelligent, well-educated and well-informed. He knows we would see through lies and shallow or nonsensical answers to serious questions.

Thompson’s voting record, summarized in the CDT, shows that he consistently works against the interests of ordinary workers and consumers and people living in poverty in this district.

Thompson must know that he could not defend this voting record in a public forum without being laughed out of the room.

If I had a voting record like Thompson’s, I wouldn’t dare have town hall meetings here either.

Robert Baillie

State College