Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor: Paterno’s legacy lives on

The Penn State administration continues to use the football program as a public relations tool when it suits them — to raise money from donors, entertain VIPs, impress corporate executives with behind-the-scenes tours of the football stadium and locker rooms, etc.

When not convenient, however, Old Main and the remnants of the 2011 board of trustees continue to ignore the man, Joe Paterno, whose principled leadership built the program over 60 years.

Sadly, it’s now difficult to find Paterno’s likeness on the Penn State campus, only the fruits of his labor over these many years — the world-class library, numerous academic scholarships, the athletic facilities for all varsity sports, the Penn State endowment of about $3 billion, the brightest students in our history walking the campus and great pride in the ethos of “Success with Honor.” The list goes on.

Indeed, I believe Paterno would prefer the latter over the former.

Brad Mitchell

State College