Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor: Bringing action on climate change

In the wake of losing big corporate sponsors, the American Legislative Exchange Council (the infamous conservative policy organization known as ALEC) has threatened legal action against groups saying it denies climate change, demanding the groups walk back their statements.

These groups, such as the League of Conservation Voters and Common Cause, politely declined, citing ALEC’s consistent obstruction of public health and climate protections and millions of dollars spent to get state legislators around the country to introduce anti-climate-science bills.

But now ALEC’s biggest corporate members have noticed, prompting a rash of defections from the likes Google, Facebook and Yelp.

It’s a great example of public opinion, which is overwhelmingly in favor of climate action, bringing about change.

But instead of dropping the dozens of bills it’s bankrolling to repeal energy standards and block public health protections, ALEC is complaining that others won’t stop pointing it out.

If ALEC wants to drop the science-denier label, it should stop denying science.

Instead, it should take a cue from the Obama administration, whose Clean Power Plan works with states instead of against them and sets the first federal limits on carbon pollution from existing power plants. ALEC could save on paper and legal fees if it drops the cease-and-desist letters and takes real action to help curb carbon pollution and the climate change it worsens.

Douglas Mason

State College