Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor: Urge action for clean water

Bald Eagle Creek is a freestone stream at the foot of Bald Eagle Mountain and home to varieties of trout and bass.

With beautiful surroundings and good water quality, Bald Eagle Creek is wonderful for anglers, kayaking and canoeing enthusiasts. Those who paddle their way down the creek get breath-taking views of lush vegetation and rolling hills.

It’s great news that the Bald Eagle Creek will finally get the protections it needs.

Top Obama administration officials have signed a new rule that would restore safeguards to small streams and headwaters like Bald Eagle Creek that have been vulnerable to pollution and development for years.

The Clean Water Rule would protect drinking water for more than 8 million Pennsylvanians and represents the biggest victory for clean water in a decade.

Unfortunately, major polluters, including the oil and gas industry and developers, are pushing the U.S. Senate to block it. We need Sen. Bob Casey to continue standing up to polluters and support this effort to protect our drinking water and Bald Eagle Creek for generations to come.

Lucia Herrmann


The writer is clean water coordinator for PennEnvironment.