Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor: Respect flag with correct display

With Memorial Day weekend over, we have another related holiday, National Flag Day, coming up in just two weeks, and now is the ideal time to apply a remedy to the treatment of our banner.

Americans are unique in that we proudly display our flag more than any other country’s citizens. It’s not as if Americans have the market locked up on patriotism; flying the flag is just something we do. From flagpoles, porches and decks our colors fly constantly; and therein lies the problem.

The U.S. flag symbolizes the history and future of our nation and should be treated with the respect and dignity it — and we — have earned.

It is not a decoration, like Christmas lights or a Halloween pumpkin. When have you ever heard of a Pledge of Allegiance to an inflatable snowman?

Remember the saying “If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right”? We actually have guidelines that cover flag etiquette, and there are many websites that do the same.

Display the flag during daylight hours and take it in at sunset. Displaying the flag at night should include a spotlight specifically for the flag — not a porch or driveway light.

With Flag Day on June 14 and Independence Day coming soon after, please take the small extra effort to do right by our flag.

Chuck Risio