Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor: Obama’s change not wanted

President Barack Obama, the community organizer from Chicago, has done well.

As president, he can reach out to a larger audience and convey his message to the country and the world. One of the president’s mentors was Saul Alinsky, known as “godfather of community organizing.”

Obama taught workshops on the Alinsky method for several years. The method is to change America by redistribution of money from the rich to the poor. To do this, first you must divide the people at any cost. Divide them by race, sex, rich, poor, young and old. The goal is to have public discontent, confusion and complete chaos among the people.

Just look around. It’s not hard to see what’s going on in the country. Example: riots in the streets.

This president and his far-left ideology is destroying it morally and financially.

Because of his weakness and way of thinking, I believe he will take this country into a major war and collapse the economy.

When Obama came into office he promised he would change and transform America. Yes, now I understand.

Ed Emel