Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor: Stop protecting the polluters

Recently, the Environmental Protection Agency gave all Americans a wonderful gift: It issued a ruling that will clarify and strengthen the Clean Water Act.

The Clean Water Act was created in 1972 in response to oil burning on the Cuyahoga River in Cleveland. The ruling simply restores most, but not all, of the protections in the original act that have been chipped away over the years.

No law is perfect. However, the only people with reason to oppose this rule are the polluters who threaten our clean water and the politicians they control.

U.S. Rep. Glenn Thompson has lined up with other Republicans in Congress who oppose this rule to protect clean water and other efforts to protect the environment.

Let’s ask our politicians at all levels to support the people rather than the polluters.

Please call Thompson’s office and tell him how you feel about environmental pollution, the people who do it and the politicians who allow it to go on.

Robin Becker

Harris Township