Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor: Louis Freeh’s smears require answers

I’m a huge fan of Graham Spanier’s lawsuit against Louis Freeh. Here’s why.

Three years ago in July, Freeh lied to me as I sat in that ballroom at the Westin Hotel in Philadelphia; he lied to you, he lied to the nation at large.

He spoke into that microphone with the skill honed over the years of manipulating the message for a client.

Working hand-in-glove with the Pennsylvania Office of the Attorney General and perhaps auditioning for a piece of the NCAA compliance pie, Freeh created a swirling firestorm of innuendo, falsities, lies and misrepresentation in under an hour.

Former Penn State trustee Stephanie Deviney tried to impress upon me how important Freeh’s recommendations were. I told her that the nation didn’t care about good governance; they heard “cover-up” from that lectern in Philadelphia and that was that.

When I queried trustee Kenneth Frazier about the wisdom of holding such a grand-standing press conference, he said, “There are no do-overs in life” and proceeded to insult the Faculty Senate and the spokeswoman for Penn Staters for Responsible Stewardship while waving a copy of Don Van Natta Jr.’s article in the air.

It’s time for Tom Corbett, John Surma, Ron Tomalis, Rodney Erickson, Keith Masser, Karen Peetz and Frazier to explain their roles in enabling Freeh’s culture of smearing reputations for a contracted fee, actively concealing exculpatory evidence in favor of a prescribed narrative and exhibiting values antithetical to our model of due process.

Indeed, the culture exhibited by these individuals is an extraordinary affront to us all.

Wendy Silverwood

West Chester