Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor: Make clean power work for all

Recently the Environmental Protection Agency issued its Clean Power Plan, which outlines how the U.S. will reduce carbon emissions from electrical power generation, particularly coal-burning plants. Coal-generated power is not only a major source of greenhouse gases and long-term climate change; it also contributes significantly to heart and lung ailments in communities adjacent to power plants and throughout the Northeast.

The Clean Power Plan is a major step toward addressing these and other concerns. However, the coal industry group American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity is pushing back.

ACCCE notes that coal produces affordable energy and provides jobs. While both are important to all Americans, they come at a significant cost, which is not acknowledged. Nor is there any mention of the financial interests of coal companies in maintaining the status quo — at the expense of the environment and health of employees, neighbors and the Northeast.

What is needed now is to develop ways to activate the Clean Power Plan to sustain a healthy environment, provide affordable energy, generate jobs and support a strong business community.

We are a nation of innovators, entrepreneurs, of smart creative people. So, how can we use our vision, information and technology to make this work for everyone?

Virginia Hubbs