Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor: Rep. Thompson very accessible

I was surprised to read a letter to the editor suggesting that U.S. Rep. Glenn Thompson is inaccessible to his constituents (“Rep. Glenn Thompson not accountable,” CDT May 21).

Although, I was less surprised to learn that the writer, Bob Potter, is a Democratic Party operative. As the congressman’s district director, I know a much different story.

Thompson is, quite likely, the most accessible person in Congress, especially considering the size of his district — 16 counties and larger than the state of New Jersey.

The congressman’s open-door policy is well-known, and in the course of serving the people of the 5th District, he has put more than a quarter of a million miles on his personal vehicle. Each year, the congressman and his staff log over 1,000 district meetings, with hundreds more in Washington.

It is also his belief that a congressman represents all of his constituents, not just those of his party. As evidence to this, simply look at the 11 bills Thompson has introduced this year — each has a Democrat as a lead sponsor. He is known as a problem-solver and someone who puts people over politics.

If any constituent would like to schedule a meeting, seek help with a federal agency or simply voice their opinions, I encourage them to utilize his website, www.thompson.house.gov, or call the Bellefonte office at 353-0215 or at the Washington office, 202-225-5121, where the congressman or one of his staff will be happy to assist in any possible way.

Peter Winkler

The writer is district director for Rep. Glenn Thompson, R-Howard Township.