Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor: Dysfunction in Halfmoon Township

Drinkable water will likely replace oil as a commodity that nations are willing to fight over; corporations will compete with individuals for it.

Our lives are so dependent on water that we all have an interest in preserving a safe supply. No economic development that has any potential for harm to water should be considered.

I sympathize with Ferguson Township residents who are concerned about developments that could threaten sources of drinkable water.

Township supervisors’ actions can be difficult to fathom. I’m still struggling to wrap my mind around the fact that supervisors can make decisions based on misinformation and statements of deception, damage property and dump the trash on private property as if above the law and reasonable conduct.

A tree service has estimated $700 to repair Halfmoon Township’s damage to my property. It pales in comparison with our water needs but it is a failure of government to protect those it is supposed to serve and protect.

One of these supervisors is a teacher of government — an example of teaching requiring a different skill set than practicing government. Hands-on learning has value. I recommend that his incoming students develop a project to observe Halfmoon Township Board of Supervisors meetings for a semester and write a critique with recommendations (grade retaliation disallowed).

Some say good government starts locally, and perhaps our political functioning will improve if we can start locally and rebuild government. Hopefully, today’s students will provide better government when they inherit our dysfunctional systems.

Brenda Black

Port Matilda