Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor: Putting children first works

I agree wholeheartedly with Stephen Meehan’s opinion, “Shared parenting benefits children of divorce,” (CDT, June 9).

When my son and his wife divorced four years ago, they negotiated this arrangement for their daughters because they both unselfishly put their children first.

Because of their decision, both pairs of grandparents and extended family members have remained part of the children’s lives.

Last weekend we celebrated our granddaughter’s ninth birthday at an extended family gathering at her mother’s home. Her parents, who live in another state, had visited a few weeks earlier. My granddaughters, now 12 and 9, are healthy and responsible kids. They are well-adjusted and trust that they have two parents who love them unconditionally.

It helps that my son and his ex-wife have adjusted their lives so the girls are in the same school district, and they continue to adjust the schedule as needed if special situations arise. They will continue to do so as the girls mature even if their personal lives change.

Our experience supports that shared custody should be the goal when children are involved. Moreover, as much as we decry the number of divorces, they are a fact of life. The damage done to the children can be mitigated if the couple are encouraged to respect the importance of their parental roles.

Frances G. Scalise

State College