Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor: Penn State not a good neighbor

We appreciate you printing the column by Terry Melton and Laura Dininni (“Penn State land sale risks water quality”) in Sunday’s paper.

It certainly presented what all the residents of the Centre Region need to know and raises the question of why Penn State can’t be a good neighbor.

The university should be providing more housing on campus for its students and not be a part of the money making-schemes of folks like Toll Bros.

Having students off campus, at least so far that it requires some means of motorized transportation, is not environmentally smart.

Noise, pollution and increased traffic are not what we want just to please the university’s desire to have more enrollment.

Keep the students on campus, or at least within walking/bicycling distance from their classrooms.

Please don’t allow any buildings to be put near our prime water recharge areas.

Stan and Darlene Smith

Oak Hall