Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor: Masser, Myers motives at issue

In his June 11 letter (“Penn State trustees’ chairman stands by reforms”), board Chairman Keith Masser claims that the board’s current composition ensures that no faction can control its agenda.

Emeritus trustee Joel Myers’ June 11 letter (“Yudichak seeks power at PSU”), meanwhile, asks why state Sen. John Yudichak has singled out Penn State for reorganization of its board of trustees when Pitt, Lincoln and Temple get more state money per student.

Masser and emeritus trustee Joel Myers need look no further than the nearest mirror for the answer.

These individuals, along with the rest of the board, panicked during the Sandusky crisis and, by scapegoating Joe Paterno (Masser admitted this in his deposition in the Corman-NCAA lawsuit), admitted falsely on Penn State’s behalf that Penn State enabled a child sexual abuser.

Only when they realized they needed an excuse did they lie, as proved by Masser’s subsequent testimony, about firing Paterno for “failure of leadership” (board statement of March 2012, to which Masser and Myers were parties).

Then-chairwoman Karen Peetz then violated the board’s standing orders by affirming Louis Freeh’s dishonest findings of guilt against Penn State, which gave the NCAA the excuse it needed to impose its sanctions.

Masser and his colleagues, who are in 100 percent control of the board’s agenda, then subordinated Penn State’s interests to a cover-up of their mistakes by sabotaging other trustees’ efforts to attack the sanctions. I hope this answers Masser and Myers’ questions about Yudichak’s motives.

William A. Levinson