Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor: A picture of humanity

Graceful, beautiful and dignified barely begin to address the manner in which the family members, friends and associates of the victims of last month’s terrorist attack in Charleston have carried themselves.

At a time when most people would cry out for vengeance, this wonderful group of people have shown us what true humanity is. They refused to be hateful when most would call for blood; they forgave even before the terrorist had a chance to speak. They took power from him.

As our country moves through this tumultuous time of guaranteeing all citizens the ability to love whom they love and the removal of a hateful symbol of terror and oppression around our country, we can learn much from the family and friends of the nine victims of terror and hate: Refuse to hate, refuse violence, meet anger and hostility with calm and kindness, seek justice, equality, peace and love.

Every day make the world a better place. I offer my humble thanks to them as they remind me of how to act in all aspects of life.

Andy Merritt

Halfmoon Township