Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor: No joke

I am running for president as an independent.

My positions are unique because they are not bound by the ideologies of the traditional political parties. If Donald Trump the clown can run, so can I.

So, what are my positions on issues?

On the military, I would say to other countries where the U.S. has bases: “Do you still want those troops? If so, pay for them; if not, they are gone.”

On conflicts, if other countries want the U.S. to provide troops for anything, those countries pay for them. Why burden U.S. taxpayers?

On domestic issues, funds saved on the military and wars would be turned to education, transportation, middle-class tax cuts and social programs such as Medicare and Social Security.

On taxes, create a minimum tax that all companies pay unless they add to their payrolls. Only then do they get tax cuts. If companies move funds offshore to escape taxes or move jobs, charge those companies a minimum tax for doing business in the U.S.

On the deficit, show the public where the money goes. Stop playing games. Override congressional gridlock by taking this and other tough issues directly to the people by hosting binding online national referendums.

Do you like my positions? Think about them. My idea of running for president is a joke, but my positions are not.

William J. Rothwell

State College