Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor: Truth on trial

I hereby bring suit against the university — not for bread and circuses, for beer and football, but for a corruption of truth.

Although the courses sprawl here in vague directions like goods on Wal-Mart’s shelves, there is yet a central core in liberal arts and in philosophy at the center of liberal arts where the universe is defined, where its meaning is entertained and our moral place within it is proposed.

If this does not happen, the life is not set afire by truth and corruption ensues. For this can only be done at the center of the city in the free play of the mind in discussion. And if this does not happen, books will not be opened, and will only be mindlessly repeated, and money, this dangerous symbol, will not be subjected to examination for its moral worth and will become a demon set loose to wreck the planet.

This is in part happening here and so I bring my suit.

Where is it to be tried?

In the court of the whole uniting world. For truth is at stake at the university’s core and because of this, so is the fate of the whole world.

John Harris

State College