Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor: Town hall meeting needed

It was disappointing to see the responses from U.S. Rep. Glenn Thompson’s minions to the call for him to hold open town hall meetings.

In their transparent attempts to change the subject, we are told that Thompson meets with constituents, holds phone call-in shows and even sends out newsletters.

No one questioned any of this.

The subject was town hall meetings. Other congressional representatives have the courage of their convictions to hold such meetings. But apparently not Thompson.

Anyone wishing to represent us at the state or federal level should hold regular town hall meetings. This includes Thompson and, locally, state Senate Majority Leader Jake Corman and state Reps. Kerry Benninghoff and Scott Conklin. Doing so should be in the job description.

Thompson’s votes in Washington affect people in his district, the entire country and even the whole world, now and long into the future. He should be eager to engage in give and take with a live audience, thus giving him the best opportunity to explain his views and his votes with clarity and intelligence. Too much is at stake for him to hide behind phone call-in shows.

Voters should remember this if Thompson asks for our votes again.

Constituents should ask Thompson why he refuses to hold open town hall meetings. We shouldn’t vote for anyone at any level who won’t promise to stand up and take live, unscreened questions from a general audience of the very people he or she wants to represent.

Bob Potter