Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor: Cameras not the answer

In response to Donna S. Queeney’s July 20 letter (“Radar, red-light cameras needed”), the fatal accident at North Atherton Street and Park Avenue would not have been prevented by a red-light camera or radar speed enforcement.

Furthermore, “slowing traffic” will not increase highway safety in Centre County.

Posting speed limits at the safest speed with the most compliance (the 85th percentile speed: the speed at or below which 85 percent of free-flowing vehicles travel) and properly engineered roadways will increase highway safety.

The supermajority of drivers operate their vehicles in a reasonable and prudent manner.

Worldwide, everywhere red-light cameras are used, they increase crashes, injuries and fatalities. Radar unfairly taxes drivers because speed limits are under-posted 8 to 16 mph 90 percent of the time to make it easy to write tickets.

In 70 percent of fatal pedestrian accidents, the pedestrian is at fault. For this, I blame the mania for crosswalks everywhere and people walking into streets without looking because “It’s the law” that cars stop for pedestrians, safety and laws of physics be damned.

The College Heights Association’s knee-jerk, feel-good remedies for perceived wrongs by drivers betray their anti-automobile bias. They should stop believing the “safety” propaganda from the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety and the camera companies and learn the truth about enforcement for profit.

Thomas McCarey