Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor: Support for Faith Centre Food Bank

The Bellefonte Borough Council has very graciously allowed the Faith Centre Food Bank to bag two parking meters for four hours on Wednesdays and Thursdays to deliver food.

A crusade is being led by Bellefonte business owners, who have signed a petition to the Borough Council.

In this petition the Food Bank is referred to as an “agency that does not rely on foot traffic or shoppers or convenience. Their clients will walk as far as they need to.”

I find this to be a very heartless statement.

Many clients are elderly and some have mental and physical challenges. The council members recognized this, and in its effort to be of service to all of the members of the Bellefonte community, they allowed the bagging of the meters.

If bagging two meters for eight hours a week is the difference between these businesses turning a profit or not, I suggest that they have more serious problems to be concerned with.

The businesses also seem to be concerned about the lost revenue on the parking meters, so I have mailed my own personal check in the amount of $232 to Bellefonte borough to cover the amount of time that the meters would not be in use for a 52-week period of time.

James H. McCartney