Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor: New road needed to lessen traffic at heavily used Park Avenue intersection

After two fatal accidents in two years at the intersection of Park and Atherton (and many smaller incidents), a number of letters have been recently published in the CDT calling for new signs, reflectors and cameras.

These changes would provide minimal, if any, improvement to the safety of this intersection, which carries heavy traffic throughout the day.

State College and Penn State have outgrown this intersection. The only meaningful way to address the problem is a total redesign and construction of a much better intersection, including multiple turn lanes. Further, as a result of new housing in northwest State College and beyond, this intersection will continue to see increasing traffic loads.

A new roadway should be designed to exit the university near the new Arboretum, heading north, to diffuse traffic in multiple directions.

While these changes would be expensive, the cost must be weighed against the tragic loss of life we have seen, and will see again, if this intersection is not remediated in a meaningful way.

Mark Guiltinan

State College