Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor: Preserving what we have

Every time I see scientists getting excited over a planet that may possibly have had water a few eons ago, it reminds me how amazing our world is, with everything that the myriad species of animals, plants and humans need to survive.

Much about space is still a mystery. But we do know that we are lucky to be spinning around on such an abundant and miraculous little ball in space. Yet every time I watch the news, I see more airstrikes and bombs and explosions and wonder why we have to wreak such havoc and cause such terrible human suffering.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if a great country like the United States was brave enough to lead the way, not just by reducing carbon emissions at home but by stopping arms shipments to the Middle East? Not by waging proxy wars but by easing human suffering and influencing other governments to do the same?

Why does that seem so impossibly pie-in-the-sky? We have to have a gigantic change of heart. Because this is our marvelous world and it is the only one we have. So why are we choosing to kill each other and destroying our unique home?

Mary Gage

State College