Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor | No support for Boehner

I was deeply troubled by Rep. Glenn Thompson’s resounding support for House Speaker John Boehner. We conservatives have been asking for Boehner to step down since 2011.

Boehner did not bring about “the most significant majority since World War II.” It was the conservatives in the party, the tea party and the true patriots in this country. We brought about the landslide victories for the Republicans in 2010 and again in 2014. We put Thompson, R-Howard Township, and his establishment cronies in power to fight against the corruption and outright assaults on our Constitution … and all he did was to “go along” to keep his job. If he’s afraid of the fight, he should please step down.

I wrote to Thompson last year to ask him, point blank, why he was supporting Boehner. He replied that Boehner was good for the party and our “best hope.” This was a terrible lapse of judgment or just another smoke screen. Our founders went to Washington to fight against tyranny from enemies foreign and domestic.

This is a very pivotal time in our country’s history and our founders wouldn’t be very proud of Thompson.

Robert Anthony Jones

State College