Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor | Install speed bumps

I would like to comment on the intersection at Park Forest Avenue and North Atherton Street.

I am a longtime resident of Park Forest and have seen this intersection become more difficult to navigate over the years as the north side of town has expanded. I have always felt that a traffic light was needed at this intersection and maybe not where some of the others have been added.

Having said that, if a left turn is prohibited from Park Forest Avenue onto North Atherton, then traffic will be tremendously increased on Park Lane as people from Park Forest will use that to get out to Aaron Drive to connect with North Atherton. This affects both Patton and Ferguson Township residents because Park Lane is in both townships.

Park Lane, which runs parallel to North Atherton, already sees many speeders. Should a left turn be prohibited, both Patton and Ferguson townships are going to have to respond to “protect” Park Lane, perhaps by taking a cue from neighboring College Heights and installing speed bumps along the street.

Jodi Miller

State College