Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor | Stadium music too loud

I really like the songs that are played at Penn State football games. I don’t like them played at harmful decibel levels and in disjointed snippets.

I’ve been told the cacophony is for the team and student section. If so, how about playing the music in just the lower bowl? Something like this occurred one game after the new scoreboards were installed, and it was wonderful. Sadly, it was “fixed” and the volume returned to a deafening normal.

Not possible? How about finding the loudest spot in the stadium and set the volume at a safe decibel level there; I’ll just bet it will be loud enough everywhere else. Or take a several-minute break from the constant racket once or twice a quarter. Or (my personal choice) let the amplified Blue Band and the excitement of Penn State football stir the crowd and forget all the other stuff. Maybe we’ll start a trend rather than doing what everyone else does. And maybe we’ll all be better off for it.

I love Penn State football, but for the sake of my hearing and sanity, I may not attend games much longer. With all the empty seats in my section, others are already not coming, perhaps for the same reason. I’ll take the savings from not buying season tickets, buy a big screen TV and some Blue Band CDs, and watch the games at home while I listen to those CDs. At a safe decibel level, of course.

Carol Alerich

State College