Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor | Crack down on speeders

It is commendable that Catherine and John Smith (CDT, 9/25) are speaking up about the danger on our local roads by speeders and truck traffic.

I live off Route 64 (Mount Nittany Drive) and have written to state Sen. Jake Corman, R-Benner Township, Rep. Kerry Benninghoff, R-Bellefonte, and the Centre County commissioners about the need for more traffic enforcement here by using an expanded sheriff’s department to work with local and state police as they do in many other states.

I received a letter from Sen. Corman that blamed the problem on county ordinances. No answer from commissioners came at all; I did receive a letter as well as a personal phone call from Benninghoff, who suggested I contact the families and property owners along Route 64 to give written permission as a group to state police allowing them to sit on a small portion of their property to monitor traffic.

This sounds like a great idea for the folks that are fed up being intimidated by tri-axle drivers as well as semitrailers that are exceeding the speed limits on a 24-hour basis. I have clocked several convoys of tri-axles going 65 mph and over with no space in between.

State police complain they do not have enough troopers. Well let’s get on the state to get more. Start using local resources (sheriff’s deputies) and perhaps constables to get after the speeders.

John Mahon