Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor | Keep Millinder on the job

Over the past five years I have worked with Christine Millinder, first deputy register of wills, on a weekly basis in my capacity as an estate administration paralegal. In every interaction I have found Millinder to be professional, knowledgeable, friendly and compassionate working on behalf of the Centre County Register of Wills Office.

Millinder will continue to put her 28 years of experience to work serving us as the next register of wills. The Register of Wills Office is unique in that it requires timely, accurate, detailed assistance and skill. This is not an office one can competently fill lacking legal skills, a supervisory background or years of experience within the office itself.

Unfortunately the register is an elected position which by its nature lends itself to the temptation of political mudslinging. Millinder stands true to herself and maintains her professionalism while campaigning; she continues to work as first deputy and performs the additional duties of the register of wills. This campaign should not be about a Facebook contest or football ticket sweepstakes.

Those who look to serve Centre County as the register of wills should study Millinder’s example and realize that experience matters.

Lisa Bierlein

State College