Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | Millinder stepped up

I have worked professionally with the Office of the Register of Wills of Centre County for decades. I have always been amazed at its smooth operation and the cooperative and helpful attitude of its personnel, especially when compared with similar offices in other counties in the commonwealth.

The successful results realized by the office are due in large part to the continuity that has occurred. The facts facing voters are 1) that Christine Millinder has worked in the office for many years and has been substantially responsible for its efficient service to the county for all of those years, and 2) due to the unexpected, severe illness of the current register, Millinder has done both her own deputy job and that of the register of wills for several months and has excelled at both.

There has been no reduction in the service to, or respect shown for, the citizens of Centre County during this time. There is no one in this county who knows more about the operation of the office than Millinder. To vote for anyone else would be doing a disservice to the citizens of Centre County.

Diane Jordan

State College