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Letter to the editor | Grateful for emergency system

Grateful for system

These days when many of our public systems seem ineffective or frustratingly bogged down in layers of bureaucracy, I would like to share a story of a local system that worked perfectly.

I was home alone working in my wood shop. A moment of monumental bad judgment left me with a gaping wound to my neck. I called 911 within 60 seconds. A trooper was at my door in less than 10 minutes, a Port Matilda ambulance two minutes later, and a Centre LifeLink ambulance with a medic onboard two minutes after that. This was at the height of football tailgating activities.

At Mount Nittany Medical Center, it was decided my condition warranted the skills of a vascular surgeon and I was flown by helicopter to Hershey Medical Center. There, a trauma team performed further testing and had me in the operating room for surgery in probably 20 minutes. I was released by noon the next day.

I am in awe of the level of training and professionalism, the technologies, and just plain kindness that was brought to bear in response to my accident. Everyone, from drivers, to pilots, police, EMTs, medics, technicians, nurses and doctors, seemed dedicated to doing their jobs well.

I don’t think this is the norm around the globe, maybe not even in the U.S. We are most fortunate to have this available to us locally just a phone call away. My family and I are profoundly grateful.

Stephen Tuttle

Warriors Mark