Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor: Keeping football tickets

Just hours after my letter to the editor about the Beaver Stadium sound appeared in the paper on Oct. 2, I got a call from Brad Keen, the assistant athletics director for marketing.

He very kindly thanked me for my comments and wanted to discuss my concerns. I had a commitment, so I asked if we could chat on Monday. Brad said sure, but he hoped the conversation that day would be a very different one, as he assured me that changes were in the works for Saturday’s Penn State vs. Army football game.

And changes there were! The weather was lousy and the team gave us some scares (though as coach Franklin says, they were 1-0 that day), but I thought Saturday’s gameday sound experience was perfect. The fun warmup music was loud but not deafening — I saw players dancing, so I guess they could hear it. The game-time songs were played less frequently and at a comfortable level — we could discuss the game, and my ears were not ringing when I got home. The Blue Band could be heard and sounded fantastic. And it was amazing to have whole series of downs hearing nothing but play calls, crashing pads, whistles and cheers from the crowd — in other words, college football sounds.

Thank you, Brad, and all who were involved, for listening to and addressing my concerns. If this becomes the norm I’ll keep those season tickets.

Carol Alerich

State College