Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor: Heim decision unjust

I am not a PSU graduate. I do not know Bruce Heim. But after reading Saturday’s headlines and article in the CDT about Penn State withdrawing an invitation to Heim — a decorated veteran, and both a West Point and Penn State graduate, because he served on a charity board — I became very angry and frustrated.

People who volunteer to serve on charity boards do so because they want to serve the community. They give of their time without expecting rewards other than to see good things happen. They cannot be held responsible if an individual working there is flawed. Jerry Sandusky fooled most, if not all, of us for a long time. He was very good at it. Thankfully, now he is gone.

Shame on Penn State for first offering, and then very publicly withdrawing, an invitation at the last moment to a PSU alumnus and State College community volunteer! By doing so, you continue to both use and blame those who represent the best PSU has to offer, and demonstrate an alarming lack of class.

Shame on the Centre Daily Times for continuing to use yellow journalism techniques to sell newspapers with the almost daily stories on anything or anyone even remotely related to Sandusky. The university and the State College community must move beyond what happened four years ago and the CDT needs to be part of that process.

Tom Giles

State College