Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor: Support McGlaughlin

The voters of Centre County have an important decision to make next month in selecting our next judge. We must choose a candidate who we can trust to conduct the business of the courts with efficiency, fairness and integrity. Ron McGlaughlin is that candidate.

He has practiced law in Centre County for nearly 30 years, and he specializes in the types of criminal and family cases that come before a judge. Through my personal and professional dealings with McGlaughlin, I have found him to be unfailingly professional and trustworthy. Over the years, I have often heard other people speak highly of McGlaughlin as a respected attorney, community-minded leader and good husband and father. His private character matches his public reputation.

McGlaughlin has my highest recommendation to be Centre County’s next judge. On Nov. 3, I will cast my vote for McGlaughlin with confidence and I hope you will too.

Kenn Davis

State College