Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor: UAJA rate outdated

The time has come for the University Area Joint Authority to make the change to volumetric billing rather than equivalent dwelling units. They do it for the State College borough, but why not the four townships: Harris, Patton, College and Ferguson?

The current rate is outdated, unfair and does nothing to encourage water conservation. Volumetric billing will do this. It is a growing trend in Pennsylvania. There are two residents at my home. We practice water/sewer conservation yet we pay the same UAJA rate as a household of five people a few doors down. My household is being penalized for that conservation.

I don’t mind paying for what I use. I do mind paying for others excessive use. Other utilities are pay per use, including electric, water, phone plans, heating oil, natural gas, garbage collection, etc. Customers have the right to be charged fair, just and reasonable rates. It is the right thing to do.

I would like to ask the residents and officials of the four townships to back this issue. It is far past the time for volumetric billing to be enacted concerning the current UAJA billing practices.

Joseph Cessna

State College