Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor | Support McCartney

I am not one to normally respond to letters to the editor. However, a recent submission by J.F. McGrail caught my attention as a character assassination upon Amanda McCartney by implying that she is being supported by a political machine.

To imply that she has any connection with Rep. Scott Conklin, D-Rush Township, is and should be considered as an insult to his office. As a staunch Republican I am disappointed that someone in our party would stoop to such innuendo to promote a party member. Folks, remember, this isn’t a high-salaried position nor is it typically a stepping stone for a higher political office.

McCartney is well educated and her full-time job in the county Prothonotary’s Office has given her great insight into how to provide extra care and sensitivity to her customers (taxpayers). She has been very visible doing door-to-door visits, which demonstrates her connectivity with people in our area.

We need to fill the register of wills position with a person who cares about those of us who live in the county. As a Republican, I will vote for McCartney and encourage other Republicans to do the same.

Larry Cramer

State College