Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor | Trustees hiding info

PSU President Eric Barron recently lamented — once again — about Penn Staters’ “obsession” with the Freeh file.

One year ago Barron said, “I do not want people to believe that Penn State is hiding something. I feel strongly about this. For this important reason … I will conduct my own review (of the Freeh documents),” and he assured everyone that he “would move with all deliberate speed.”

Many of us who were paying attention felt at that time that a review would not happen, and Barron’s promise was designed to relieve some of the pressure faced by the board of trustees “old guard” from the elected trustees who were pushing for access to the Freeh file.

A year later, and ... crickets. So, what conclusions would a reasonable person make? That — possibly — the BOT “old guard,” with the assistance of Barron — are, indeed, hiding something?

If Barron cannot puzzle this out, I suggest he take advantage of PSU’s Lifetime Learning program, and enroll in philosophy 010/critical thinking. Seats are still available, and he would probably be entitled to preferred enrollment.

In the meantime, it is past time for Barron and the BOT “old guard” to step aside and stop wasting our time and money with inane arguments designed to deny trustees access to the Freeh documents.

The “old guard” has spent in excess of $500,000 to hide something. If Barron doesn’t know what that “something” is, I suggest he ask Bruce Heim. I believe he knows.

Barry Fenchak

State College