Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor: Vote for Pipe, Higgins

As a graduate student at Penn State, I get to be part of what makes Centre County so special and unique, but at the same time I know how easy it is to forget about our local community.

With the circus that is national politics and our own busy lives it is simple to write off voting in local elections. But local elections are critical, and decisions made will have far-reaching consequences on education, justice and our well-being in Centre County.

This November we have the chance to vote for two commissioners who will lead Centre County and I hope you will join me in voting for Mike Pipe and Mark Higgins.

Together Pipe and Higgins will work to implement the reforms necessary to keep Centre County thriving.

Pipe has built an impressive record in his short time on the county board. As co-chairman of the Centre County Re-Entry Coalition and vice-chairman of the Centre County Prison Board, he took charge in building programs and partnerships to reduce recidivism by providing more educational and employment opportunities and support for individuals as they leave prison. This will not only save Centre County money but is also the moral thing to do.

Pipe needs a strong ally on the board, and Higgins is the right person for the job. With his background in fixing broken businesses he knows what to do to make Centre County effective in working for us.

Kevin Reuning

College Township