Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor: Re-elect Exarchos

I write in support of county Commissioner Chris Exarchos.

I am not a Republican and don't always agree with his political philosophy. However, I believe he votes for important issues necessary for improvement in county government, and when necessary will even take on his own political party.

Other politicians will turn tail and do an about-face once the party leaders give them their marching orders; Exarchos will stay consistently steadfast if he believes something is in the county's best interest.

His votes to turn around the county nursing home have proven to be beneficial and financially prudent while not lessening service to the elderly population who need nursing care. His support for the county's needed social services have been and remain consistently strong and necessary.

I will not comment directly on the county court situation, which everyone knows is close to a disaster. None of those problems are the result of any of the present county commissioners.

I heartily endorse Exarchos for his integrity and his wide breadth of knowledge of county government.

James Johnson

State College