Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor: More info needed

The Nov. 3 election will be especially important for Pennsylvania and Halfmoon Township voters.

Pennsylvania voters have often felt underrepresented in Congress because of gerrymandering, which keeps political parties in control. Some of the judges elected in November will be in office when redistricting occurs after the next census and may be making important decisions about how congressional districts may be redrawn. How well we are represented in Congress may well be decided in this election.

In Halfmoon Township we have one candidate running for supervisor. The media seldom provide information about the candidates for our township, leaving us to vote blindly or to personally search for information.

The Board of Supervisors has been talking up a private-public enterprise to provide a developer with special treatment (possibly rezoning or sewer projects) in exchange for support for a new township building. This may or may not be a good deal for the voter depending on your personal priorities (traditionally, government corruption is when gifts, money or donations unduly influence public policy).

Transparency would mean that the residents would be fully informed of the supervisors’ actions on this issue. It is more likely that an interested resident will have to review videos of supervisors’ meetings on C-NET or read the legal/public notices in the CDT.

The current candidate for supervisor has recently been a member of the planning commission and probably has predetermined thoughts on the developer’s requests. It would be important to know her position before the election.

Brenda Black

Port Matilda