Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor: Shame on Penn State

Once again, in the face of pressure, the leadership of our beloved university has chosen to fold rather than stand strong. When faced with some adversarial comments by some who didn’t agree with the selection of the person for the coin toss at the Army game, they capitulated.

If some people feel that Bruce Heim isn’t an appropriate selection, they have the right to say so. One could assume the university selected him for all the right reasons: he is a graduate of West Point and served his country in Vietnam — so why did our university leaders choose to humiliate rather than stand up for a good human being?

I have known Heim all my life and he is, and always has been, a person of integrity and compassion. He was a student who excelled in the classroom and a leader in our class of ’59. I am proud to be his friend.

If everyone who gave money, went to an event or served in some charitable way for The Second Mile was singled out as unworthy, a large portion of our town would be wearing a scarlet letter. These crimes were brought to trial and those found guilty are now in prison.

We are embarrassed and disgusted by the lack of integrity in our leadership. Good people do what is right and don’t allow themselves to be intimidated.

Shame on you.

Dick Johnson

State College